IPA is synonymous to automisation and assembly processes.Our vast knowledge and expertise can improve any production process, often through special machines and (high-end) assembly lines. From one piece flow systems to (lean line) assembly solutions.

Looking to innovate your production processes?

Process Driven

Processes and improving them is what drives us. We have been innovating product processes for clients for over 20 years.

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Our approach focuses closely on your objectives. We improve your operating results by means of an optimised assembly process.

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Our approach is invariably creative and sometimes also unconventional. Our systems are recognisable, lean and highly efficient.

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A peek into who we have served?

We are proud to have served many innovative businesses in improving their production and assembly processes. Have a look!


Your partner for successful assembly solutionsCurious to how we approach our projects?

Some of the companies we have worked with.

Over 20 years of industrial

Industries we work in

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