our approach

Our approach is often described as unconventional. We believe the primary reason for this is that we delve into the matter at hand. As a result we often discover either more or different opportunities to either innovate in or radically change.

We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business.

Customer &
Process Analysis

It is important for us to understand the market your company is in, as well as the products you produce and intend to produce with a future vision.

In parallel we make sure we understand any existing process first. This allows us to gain a deeper insight into what the intricacies are. The results of these, allow us to deliver future-proof applications.

Problem Analysis

Lead time, wastage percentage, flexibility, change-over time and return all play a major role in the construction of an optimum process. By performing a thorough analysis, we can expose the very root of any problem.

Determine Goals

Together with you, we utilise the findings of the first two stages to formulate ambitious, yet achievable projects. The combination of our application engineers’ knowledge & experience and your wishes & requirements allow for clear formulated objectives.

These may include the level of flexibility, series quantities and efficiency of output to be achieved.

Defining Solutions

Solutions vary from manual to high tech, fully automated assembly systems. However, changes in the supply of components, modifications in quality assurance measures or the instruction of operators may also have the desired result. The best choice of alternative solutions is always made in close consideration with you.

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